Common newborn physical abnormalities

Abnormal head shape

This is common after a vaginal delivery and when your baby spends most time on their back. The head shape usually improves as your baby grows up and most babies do not need any treatment.

Accessory digits

These can be found on the hands or feet and can be removed readily by a specialist.

Birth marks

Stork mark (capillary haemangioma) on eyelids

'Stork mark' (capillary haemangioma)

These are common flat birth marks usually on the nape of the neck or the front of the head between the eyes. They are red and can get darker when your baby cries. They usually disappear before school age and need no treatment.

Strawberry mark (cavernous haemangioma) under left jaw

Strawberry mark (cavernous haemangioma)

These are common raised birthmarks that can appear anywhere on the body. They usually get bigger and then reduce in size and disappear by school age. They might leave a small paler area of skin. Some might require specialist treatment.

Breast enlargement

This is common in boys and girls as a result of the normal passage of hormones from the mum to baby. The breasts can leak 'witches milk' but the breast enlargement usually needs no treatment and resolves.

Common newborn health concerns


Feeding, Weight gain, Crying, Sleep, Immunisation, Jaundice. These are common concerns from parents that I care for and can be the source of unnecessary stress about the health of your baby. A detailed discussion with a newborn specialist can help to relieve some of this stress and give you simple advice and reassurance.

Sacral dimple

This dimple is found near the base of the spine on your baby's back. It is important to check that there are no other features but the majority need no treatment or investigation.

Skin tags

These can appear anywhere on your baby's body and usually need no treatment.